Friday, June 29

things i love {friday}

one / two / three / four / five
damn you anthropologie and your constant ability to make me swoon. why must you sell so many things i neeeeeeed? (ok, want.. same thing in my book) enjoy the pretties & happy friday!

Thursday, June 28

under the sea :: mermaid nursery

oh, the joy of decorating a nursery! there’s the excitement of expecting a little one, mirrored in the festivity of channeling this happiness into an amazing design project. there is also nothing like a nesting instinct to get a room decorated asap! while I was pregnant with brooke, i had lots of ideas and visions on how I wanted to decorate her nursery.  from the beginning, I knew I wanted to go with a mermaid/under the sea design theme. my goal was to create a colorful space that wasn't too girly, pink or "too baby". i wanted a room that i would have loved as a little girl and that brooke could grow into. as always, i kept my eye out for a deal and almost everything (with the exception of the glider) in her room was picked through a sale, flea market, thrift store, ikea and a few of my own childhood pieces.

i was inspired by the adorable, creative and unexpected nursery style boards over at laybabylay which are truly amazing. i love that all of her ideas can be easily transferred into home decor. i can't get enough! i decided to create a few mermaid room inspiration boards of my own since i'm planning on revamping our nursery of one to soon to be two. i realize some of the pieces are insanely expensive but that just makes the steal vs splurge finds that much more exciting and enjoyable. 
mermaid nursery
one / two / three / four / five / six / seven eight / nine / ten eleven / twelve / thirteen

mermaid nursery
one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven twelve / thirteen / fourteen 

head over to project nursery for their franklin & ben's crib giveaway where you can design your own nursery on pinterest for a chance to win it. here is my inspiration board if you want to check it out! 
i will update with pictures of brooke's room once i get around to photographing it... which i hope is soon!

Tuesday, June 26

waiting for baby

how sweet are these pictures of my little bean testing out her little sister's bassinet? melts my heart! it's still quite hard for me to imagine brooke as a big sister. she's my baby!! she's been alone with our complete attention and devotion and the thought of her sharing the spotlight of our love makes me a little sad for her. as excited as i am to welcome dylan into our lives, i wonder how it'll be when she realizes her mommy is also someone else's. she's not quite competent in the sharing department quite yet. 

although she still has no clue as to what is going on (she is almost 17 months), i'm trying to find ways of slowly easing her into it as best as i can. i rub my tummy and tell her there is a baby inside mommy but more often than not she just looks at me as if i'm speaking martian. i'm thinking of getting her a few books to maybe help with the transition. books are not only incredibly fun but they'll also give her a colorful visual of what's to come. and if not (at least i tried), and i'm sure she'll understand pretty quick once dylan gets here. our little brooke will become an experienced big sister sooner or later! 

here's a few of the "get-ready-for-baby" books i found :
1. i'm a big sister by joanna cole
2. waiting for baby by harriet zeifert
3. the new baby by mercer mayer
4. new baby by stan & jan berenstein 

under the sea :: home edition

in my imagination i fashion myself a seafarer. what better way to show my sea legs than with some whale inspired goods. i'm sure if real whales could talk they'd agree their slightly abstracted counterparts in the world of home decor are all as cute as a button. 


Monday, June 25

let's talk coconut

seriously. can. not. get enough. everyone that knows me also knows i go a little bit crazy for anything coconut. both my pregnancies have involved lots of coconut cravings, which tim more than well knows since he's out getting them for me half the time.  i can still remember the fresh young coconuts my grandpa used to bring down from palm trees and open for me when i was a little girl visiting them in mazatlan. drinking coconut water immediately transports me to a tropical place where tons of happy memories lie, thus the lifelong love affair. 

to my delight, a few years back i discovered coconut water was being marketed in the US by several different companies, meaning i didn't have to wait till the next tropical vacation to indulge in my obsession and i chose O.N.E as my new fave.  however just recently i ran across a new coconut water that has rocked my world and just had to share my latest discovery. 

enter harmless harvest coconut water. the taste is amazing. this is the closest you can get to tasting a fresh coconut from a tree. this 100% organic coconut water is refreshing, rehydrating, and the perfect serving size for all you coconut lovers out there. even if you don't like coconuts, i encourage you to give this a shot. unlike other coconut water brands, harmless harvest raw coconut water doesn't come from concentrate and isn't heated or warmed before processing. rather it uses thousands of pounds of pressure to short-circuit the ability for harmful microbes and bacteria to develop, leaving you with a coconut water that makes you feel like you're on an island. and i know we can all use a mini mental vacay every now and then!

Sunday, June 24

what's in my diaper bag edition

what's in my diaper bag

i thought i’d share my essentials since i was inspired by onto baby's recent posts & i love seeing what other moms carry in their bags around the blogosphere.
until the magical fairy comes to potty train brooke and her soon to arrive little sister, i will be fashionably rocking a diaper bag. these days i can pack pretty light (or what i think is light looking back to the infant days when i seriously packed the entire nursery minus the furniture). luckily brooke is content without that many things these days which is nice on my shoulder/pregnant belly and brain since i can’t remember my own head most days.

ok on to the goodies :
1. the bag: felix rey toys & trinkets bag

not pictured: a change of clothes, wet bag from etsy, non chlorine diapers, wallet & phone.  
and there you have it. i know it looks like a lot but it all fits!

Thursday, June 21

tips for camping with a toddler

camping with an inquisitive toddler or baby? you think we're crazy? not completely, but bear with me.

as i mentioned before, tim and i have been camping for years and we were determined to keep up this tradition when brooke was born. so determined, in fact, that her first camping trip was at 5 months of age - which was actually the easiest age to take her away since she couldn't move around. to be honest the hardest time to camp is from toddlerhood on because their independence has set in and it can be quite difficult while a child is crawling or walking unsteadily, and too young to understand a lot of instruction - although it is doable and can still be enjoyable. 

plus toddlers love the outdoors and what better way to get them exploring than to take them to the big wild forest. 
i've compiled some tips to help you make camping with a toddler a safe and enjoyable experience ::

  1. pack appropriately. think comfort and things you don't care about if they're torn or stained. no beautiful dresses and expensive sandals. more is better, specially pants and socks. extra shoes are a must since they will get wet or muddy at some point. a hat that will help keep their head warm and another for the sun. and when you think you've packed enough, pack a little more. i learned quickly that it's nearly impossible to keep a child clean or dry while camping.
  2. put together a first-aid kit. include things for a variety of possibilities: bug bites, cuts, stings, temperatures, and so on, and make sure there are things for both adults and children. don't forget the sunscreen and brings tons of wipes.
  3. know the dangers. it's a fact of camping that there are dangers around for kids - campfires, a lake, stream, river or the ocean, cooking facilities, cars, wild animals - and you need to know what they are and how to either avoid them or reduce the risk.
  4. make specific boundaries. make a clear boundary that your child is not to cross. this takes away any room for doubt, and makes things safer and easier to monitor.
  5. always make sure your child is supervised. especially if you're in a group, it can be easy to assume that 'someone' is watching out for your child. but don't assume. if you're doing something else or leaving the campsite, specifically ask one person to watch your child.
  6. forget the dirt. it's inevitable that your child will get dirty when camping. give them a wash at the end of the day, before bed, but until then just ignore it. it'll make your life easier, and your days more relaxing. last time we took a little portable tub to bathe her in at the end of the day but found it much easier this time around to just shower with her at the campsite showers.
  7. don't underestimate a child's ability to entertain themselves. take a few small toys and books as a backup or for some quiet play in the mornings and evenings, but for the most part let your child explore. it's amazing how much fun a child can have with dirt, sticks, water and space to run. 
  8. stick to some routine. using the same bedtime routine (for example bath, teeth, story, bed) will help make your toddler feel more comfortable about their new surroundings. if your toddler still naps during the day, factor this time into your plans. brooke usually naps twice a day still but we found it easier to just give her one long nap in the middle of the day so evening she was spent and ready for bed.
  9. bring enough helpful gear. if your toddler is toilet trained, or being toilet trained, you might like to consider taking either a potty or a special toilet seat for them. a backpack is great for walks and beats lugging around your stroller. a booster or portable chair is great for keeping them immobile while they're eating. and lastly a carrier such as an ergo is great for long hikes/walks and your little one starts getting tired or fussy.
  10. use it as a fun way of learning. camping is an opportunity to see new things, whether it's wildlife, a different environment or new experiences, and toddlers will be amazed by them all. point things out, talk about them and watch those little faces light up in awe.

have fun, relax and enjoy the great memory making experience! 

teddy bear breakfast

when i find stuff like this it totally makes me want to be a kid again. luckily i have a cute little peanut to recreate it for!
Kate over on Minieco found this incredibly cute idea here and had to give it a go herself. the result is almost too cute to eat!… almost.
awwwww! and now i'm hungry!

Wednesday, June 20

a belated happy father's day

love at first sight. first picture of brooke & daddy taken shortly after she was born.
we are having a belated father's day for tim since we were deep in the bridgeport woods and didn't get to do it right or at least the way i would've liked to. he did get to do some early morning fishing with all the other dads on our camping trip and mama whipped up a mean soyrizo and eggs breakfast. hoping it's not one of those things that if you miss, you miss. either way... i'm writing about how much we love our daddy on a wednesday rather then a sunday.                                                                                                          i'm so thankful for my husband. he's a super hands on dad. i appreciate him more than he knows and i'm so glad that he's the one i'm on this journey called parenthood with. this was his 2nd father's day and it's so obvious to see what a proud papa he is when he is around his little girl. there is no denying brookie has him tightly wrapped around her little chubby finger and not letting go for a very long time.
we feel so blessed to have such an amazing daddy in our lives and i hope you spent yours with someone you love!

Wednesday, June 13

since camping is the word

ok how adorable is this teardrop trailer (spotted on the cover of the current Sunset magazine)?  since we have been looking at pop up tents and travel trailers for our upcoming camping trip i found tons of neat little campers i'm dying to have. we would probably need a bigger one once dylan gets here but this is a perfect solution for a couple and beats sleeping on the floor. and the cuteness factor adds points as well. and if you can't afford one you can rent one! teardrop trailers here :: (Vacations in a Can - $175/weekend), an airstream ::(  from $225/3 nights).  Sunset has tons of links to find the perfect one for you (which they've also posted online here). 
happy camping!!

summer = camping season

yosemite 2011
tim and i LOVE camping. we both grew up camping with our families and there is no place in the world tim would rather be than yosemite. he has pictures of his mom bathing him in a bucket in their campsite which in turn i did with brooke on our trip there last year. we were fortunate to have friends who were able to get a reservation considering how difficult they are to come by lately. seriously, i'd have better luck running into my favorite actor in la than getting a campsite. i was a little hesitant to take a 5 month old tent camping but she was a trooper and did amazing on our week long stay. 
we're getting ready to go up to mammoth for a father's day camping trip and we're preparing ourselves for quite the adventure with my 28 week old tummy and our busy bee 16 month old. we rented a pop up trailer this time around so our accommodations have been upgraded a bit. i'll let you know how it goes!
previous yosemite camping trips with friends b.b. (before babies)

Monday, June 11

words and more words

it's amazing when language starts to kick in. i've been terrible at keeping up with brooke's baby book and i mostly blame it on my procrastination and not writing things down as of late. i'm going to try to record them here so when i get around to actually filling it out i have something to go back to.
she seems to be adding new words a lot more frequently and she'll basically repeat anything you try to teach her if she's in the mood, "if" & "mood" being the operative words. 
at about a year she had three words.
and now she has these too:
nana. (banana)
ita. (abuelita)
whasssaaaah. (what's that)
kiki. (abuelita's dog)
uh oh. (unbearably cute even when half her lunch is on the floor)
she'll resort to her pointing & monkey sounds as we like to call them when she's feeling lazy but she amazes me every day when she points stuff out that i didn't know she knew the word to. pretty amazing how these little minds grow and work!