Sunday, June 24

what's in my diaper bag edition

what's in my diaper bag

i thought i’d share my essentials since i was inspired by onto baby's recent posts & i love seeing what other moms carry in their bags around the blogosphere.
until the magical fairy comes to potty train brooke and her soon to arrive little sister, i will be fashionably rocking a diaper bag. these days i can pack pretty light (or what i think is light looking back to the infant days when i seriously packed the entire nursery minus the furniture). luckily brooke is content without that many things these days which is nice on my shoulder/pregnant belly and brain since i can’t remember my own head most days.

ok on to the goodies :
1. the bag: felix rey toys & trinkets bag

not pictured: a change of clothes, wet bag from etsy, non chlorine diapers, wallet & phone.  
and there you have it. i know it looks like a lot but it all fits!


Unknown said...

How many plum organics super puffs should i carry?

laura said...

carry two just in case tim :D we should do a daddy diaper bag edition.