Monday, June 25

let's talk coconut

seriously. can. not. get enough. everyone that knows me also knows i go a little bit crazy for anything coconut. both my pregnancies have involved lots of coconut cravings, which tim more than well knows since he's out getting them for me half the time.  i can still remember the fresh young coconuts my grandpa used to bring down from palm trees and open for me when i was a little girl visiting them in mazatlan. drinking coconut water immediately transports me to a tropical place where tons of happy memories lie, thus the lifelong love affair. 

to my delight, a few years back i discovered coconut water was being marketed in the US by several different companies, meaning i didn't have to wait till the next tropical vacation to indulge in my obsession and i chose O.N.E as my new fave.  however just recently i ran across a new coconut water that has rocked my world and just had to share my latest discovery. 

enter harmless harvest coconut water. the taste is amazing. this is the closest you can get to tasting a fresh coconut from a tree. this 100% organic coconut water is refreshing, rehydrating, and the perfect serving size for all you coconut lovers out there. even if you don't like coconuts, i encourage you to give this a shot. unlike other coconut water brands, harmless harvest raw coconut water doesn't come from concentrate and isn't heated or warmed before processing. rather it uses thousands of pounds of pressure to short-circuit the ability for harmful microbes and bacteria to develop, leaving you with a coconut water that makes you feel like you're on an island. and i know we can all use a mini mental vacay every now and then!


sonya said...

Ill have to grab some next time Im at whole foods. Your description sounds so refreshing!

laura said...

Yes do! I promise you won't be disappointed. Brooke & I just got back from getting a few. She likes it as well. I'm starting the love young :)