Wednesday, June 20

a belated happy father's day

love at first sight. first picture of brooke & daddy taken shortly after she was born.
we are having a belated father's day for tim since we were deep in the bridgeport woods and didn't get to do it right or at least the way i would've liked to. he did get to do some early morning fishing with all the other dads on our camping trip and mama whipped up a mean soyrizo and eggs breakfast. hoping it's not one of those things that if you miss, you miss. either way... i'm writing about how much we love our daddy on a wednesday rather then a sunday.                                                                                                          i'm so thankful for my husband. he's a super hands on dad. i appreciate him more than he knows and i'm so glad that he's the one i'm on this journey called parenthood with. this was his 2nd father's day and it's so obvious to see what a proud papa he is when he is around his little girl. there is no denying brookie has him tightly wrapped around her little chubby finger and not letting go for a very long time.
we feel so blessed to have such an amazing daddy in our lives and i hope you spent yours with someone you love!


sonya said...

Such kinds words, and what amazing photo.

laura said...

Thanks Son! It's crazy how fast time goes by.