Monday, June 11

words and more words

it's amazing when language starts to kick in. i've been terrible at keeping up with brooke's baby book and i mostly blame it on my procrastination and not writing things down as of late. i'm going to try to record them here so when i get around to actually filling it out i have something to go back to.
she seems to be adding new words a lot more frequently and she'll basically repeat anything you try to teach her if she's in the mood, "if" & "mood" being the operative words. 
at about a year she had three words.
and now she has these too:
nana. (banana)
ita. (abuelita)
whasssaaaah. (what's that)
kiki. (abuelita's dog)
uh oh. (unbearably cute even when half her lunch is on the floor)
she'll resort to her pointing & monkey sounds as we like to call them when she's feeling lazy but she amazes me every day when she points stuff out that i didn't know she knew the word to. pretty amazing how these little minds grow and work!

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