Thursday, June 28

under the sea :: mermaid nursery

oh, the joy of decorating a nursery! there’s the excitement of expecting a little one, mirrored in the festivity of channeling this happiness into an amazing design project. there is also nothing like a nesting instinct to get a room decorated asap! while I was pregnant with brooke, i had lots of ideas and visions on how I wanted to decorate her nursery.  from the beginning, I knew I wanted to go with a mermaid/under the sea design theme. my goal was to create a colorful space that wasn't too girly, pink or "too baby". i wanted a room that i would have loved as a little girl and that brooke could grow into. as always, i kept my eye out for a deal and almost everything (with the exception of the glider) in her room was picked through a sale, flea market, thrift store, ikea and a few of my own childhood pieces.

i was inspired by the adorable, creative and unexpected nursery style boards over at laybabylay which are truly amazing. i love that all of her ideas can be easily transferred into home decor. i can't get enough! i decided to create a few mermaid room inspiration boards of my own since i'm planning on revamping our nursery of one to soon to be two. i realize some of the pieces are insanely expensive but that just makes the steal vs splurge finds that much more exciting and enjoyable. 
mermaid nursery
one / two / three / four / five / six / seven eight / nine / ten eleven / twelve / thirteen

mermaid nursery
one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven twelve / thirteen / fourteen 

head over to project nursery for their franklin & ben's crib giveaway where you can design your own nursery on pinterest for a chance to win it. here is my inspiration board if you want to check it out! 
i will update with pictures of brooke's room once i get around to photographing it... which i hope is soon!

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