Wednesday, May 16

mama's day

another mama's day to add to my life's chalkboard. this sweet little girl has has changed my life in ways i never thought possible and it chokes me up a bit every time she calls me "mama". she touches my heart with the simplest of gestures and her smile brightens even the gloomiest day. brooke has brought so much joy and love into our lives and my way of repaying some of it is trying to be the best parent i can possibly be to her and someday soon to our littlest bean dylan. i absolutely adore being her mama.

we spent our mother's day morning having brunch at gladstones in the pacific palisades and i can't thank the hubby enough for always picking places by the water just to make my soul & heart content. the morning was a bit overcast per usual but the marine layer burned off by the end of our brunch which was perfect timing as we wanted to get brooke out on the sand. she was completely fascinated by the grains of sand and spent endless time running them through her little fingers. makes me look forward to all the beach fun we will be having this summer! 

Tuesday, May 15

dreams and make believe

many of my favorite memories are tied to the sea. my family lived on the coast in the beautiful beach town of mazatlan and i was always enthralled and inspired by the vivid tales of enchanted fish, beautiful mermaids and pirate ships.
i fantasized about underwater kingdoms with the most colorful sea creatures and underwater landscapes. drinking in the salt-scented air, sunshine and running free in the warm sun is a love i want to pass on to brooke and her little sister. i hope that if they ever feels lost, they can look to the sea for calmness, serenity and direction.

Tuesday, May 1

me and my blog

hello and welcome.

the last few years have brought a whirlwind of change and along with it a new wave of inspiration.
one of them being my lovely, rambunctious 15 month old daughter brooke, who has redefined the term little miss sunshine in our book. the other other is my amazing husband, who makes my world go round and let's this crazy imagination filled head run wild with ideas and loves me for it.

this personal blog is my way of sharing my many interests :: my journey in mammaland, arts, crafts, designs, fashion, eco friendly living, food and travel.

i like to find pretty things and now i want to share them with you!