Tuesday, June 26

waiting for baby

how sweet are these pictures of my little bean testing out her little sister's bassinet? melts my heart! it's still quite hard for me to imagine brooke as a big sister. she's my baby!! she's been alone with our complete attention and devotion and the thought of her sharing the spotlight of our love makes me a little sad for her. as excited as i am to welcome dylan into our lives, i wonder how it'll be when she realizes her mommy is also someone else's. she's not quite competent in the sharing department quite yet. 

although she still has no clue as to what is going on (she is almost 17 months), i'm trying to find ways of slowly easing her into it as best as i can. i rub my tummy and tell her there is a baby inside mommy but more often than not she just looks at me as if i'm speaking martian. i'm thinking of getting her a few books to maybe help with the transition. books are not only incredibly fun but they'll also give her a colorful visual of what's to come. and if not (at least i tried), and i'm sure she'll understand pretty quick once dylan gets here. our little brooke will become an experienced big sister sooner or later! 

here's a few of the "get-ready-for-baby" books i found :
1. i'm a big sister by joanna cole
2. waiting for baby by harriet zeifert
3. the new baby by mercer mayer
4. new baby by stan & jan berenstein 

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