Wednesday, June 13

summer = camping season

yosemite 2011
tim and i LOVE camping. we both grew up camping with our families and there is no place in the world tim would rather be than yosemite. he has pictures of his mom bathing him in a bucket in their campsite which in turn i did with brooke on our trip there last year. we were fortunate to have friends who were able to get a reservation considering how difficult they are to come by lately. seriously, i'd have better luck running into my favorite actor in la than getting a campsite. i was a little hesitant to take a 5 month old tent camping but she was a trooper and did amazing on our week long stay. 
we're getting ready to go up to mammoth for a father's day camping trip and we're preparing ourselves for quite the adventure with my 28 week old tummy and our busy bee 16 month old. we rented a pop up trailer this time around so our accommodations have been upgraded a bit. i'll let you know how it goes!
previous yosemite camping trips with friends b.b. (before babies)

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