Friday, July 13

a picture worth a thousand words

Dyrk Burcie FS 21 photo
dyrk burcie was just 3 years old when his parents felt a mass on his abdomen. he was diagnosed with pediatric liver cancer and later found out that the cancer had spread to both his lungs. the toddler underwent nine rounds of chemo and a liver transplant but to no avail. in april his family decided to stop intensive treatment and make the most of the precious time he had left.

dyrk's dad is a lieutenant with the dallas fire department and his fellow firefighters decided that while they couldn't help heal his son physically, they wanted to to lift the burcie family's spirits. firefighters began taking photographs of themselves to support dyrk - decorating their truck and engines, holding up posters with words of encouragement and spelling out dyrk's name in creative ways. other departments have caught on and the photos have multiplied on his facebook support page

the support has spread across the country with firefighters, military, sports teams, hospital staff and families all sending in their pictures. it is such a small act in the grand scheme of things but the message of love and support is transcending. my heart breaks for the burcie family but swells with pride for the firefighters and all who have reached out. 

the above picture is of my husband and his fellow firefighters showing dyrk what a brave little guy they know he is. tim is second from the left. 


Vicki said...

I get tears in my eyes every time they post a new pic. The amount of support he is receiving just makes me smile. Dyrk strong!

laura said...

Yea it's pretty amazing :)

sonya said...

Reading this brought tears to my eyes. I actually hadnt heard of this little guy, and what a fighter he is. Thanks for sharing.

Erwin said...

Wat een heerlijke M line matrassen