Wednesday, May 16

mama's day

another mama's day to add to my life's chalkboard. this sweet little girl has has changed my life in ways i never thought possible and it chokes me up a bit every time she calls me "mama". she touches my heart with the simplest of gestures and her smile brightens even the gloomiest day. brooke has brought so much joy and love into our lives and my way of repaying some of it is trying to be the best parent i can possibly be to her and someday soon to our littlest bean dylan. i absolutely adore being her mama.

we spent our mother's day morning having brunch at gladstones in the pacific palisades and i can't thank the hubby enough for always picking places by the water just to make my soul & heart content. the morning was a bit overcast per usual but the marine layer burned off by the end of our brunch which was perfect timing as we wanted to get brooke out on the sand. she was completely fascinated by the grains of sand and spent endless time running them through her little fingers. makes me look forward to all the beach fun we will be having this summer! 

i looked up our mama's day pictures from last year at duke's malibu and i'm in awe of what a difference a year makes. she was so tiny and round and it gives my stomach butterflies to think we will soon have another tiny baby to hold in september. it can't come soon enough.

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