Tuesday, August 14

bazaar/bohemian nursery corner brainstorming

bazaar bohemian nurserybazaar bohemian nursery
{inspiration board i made for dylan's little nursery corner}
when thinking about the nursery corner (since we will be sharing our room with dylan for a while to not disrupt brooke's space and general schedule), i not only wanted it to fit our bedroom style (which sadly doesn't have much at the moment), but also still have a personality of its own so it can translate seamlessly into a separate room once we get a bigger space and decide brooke and dylan might have separate rooms.            

we already have a few of the pieces such as the little merry fellows organic moses basket, patterned elephants art print, the indian gauze canopyelephant dresser knobs, and a fabric elephant hanger (which i plan on turning into a mobile) from World Market. i also recently purchased an ikea rast dresser to make my very own DIY project to put all of dylan's newborn essentials in.

all the other pretties are elements i'd like to incorporate into the room like the moroccan style side table, banana fiber rocking chair, lanterns, block print/global style pillows and rickshaw design style bedding.

it's still in the very early planning stages so i hesitate to even share but i realize the clock is tickin'!

anyway, below are a few of my inspiration images & nursery crushes which inspired the boho style. 

i'll post pictures of our bedroom soon to see what we're working with. so much to do in these few short weeks before our little pea makes her debut! ahhhh!!

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