Friday, August 31

what's in my bag {hospital bag edition}

hospital bag essentials
this isn't the complete list by all means, but only a few of my favorites :)
apparently in the year and a half since I had brooke, all reason has gone out the window. for a second i apparently totally forgot how to pack for the hospital and then my over-packer self kicked into overdrive and i packed bags like i'm going away for a two week vacation.
pretty sure i didn’t use half of the stuff that i packed for brooke's birth but my MO is {better safe than sorry} and i'd really hate to need something and not have it. mind you, our hospital is only about a 10 minute drive from home but i'd rather have all my comforts good and ready when i need them. 
when i packed my hospital bag for the first time, i read tons of articles for advice. the problem is everyone's opinion is different and necessities vary according to each individual. so i'm putting mine out here just as a suggestion {if anyone needs it}.
i'm packing three bags for the hospital{see what i mean by over-packer?}: one for labor that we’ll take up when we first get there, one for recovery that my husband will get out of the car after the baby is born, and one for the baby, that we won’t really need until we’re ready to leave. i used a list i found online as a guide and added or omitted as needed.

{labor bag}
in my mason bag :: yoga mat, warming rice bag for back pain, yoga towel, massage tools, island & reggae music for relaxation, my own gown and robe, comfy fuzzy slipper & shower havaianas, shower cap, emergen-c packets for when i need a power boost, sweet almond massage oil, aromatherapy oils, eye mask, lip balm, aromatherapy room spray, hair bands and bobby pins. {not pictured} :: nikon dslr {we didn't take many pictures with brooke's birth so i'm adamant about it this time around}, yoga ball, bathing suit for laboring in shower, birth plan and snacks {lollipops, power bars & coconut water}.

{recovery bag}
in my bag :: nursing tops, soft pajama bottoms, jersey chemises, 2 robes, grandma underwear {in bright non-grandma colors}, nursing bras, organic nursing pads, nipple butter, overnight {super absorbent} maxi-pads, feminine cloths, facial towelettes, bamboo belly bandit, toiletries, nursing cover {for privacy when we have company}, socks, my own ultra soft pillowcases, travel make up kit {need to be camera and company ready}, breastfeeding book, towel & washcloths. {not pictured} :: mama bottom spray {seriously saved me last time}, iPad, phone & camera chargers, boppy nursing pillow and my own pillow and blanket. 

i realize the hospital has a lot of these supplies and they give you lots of goodies but some things like the disposable underwear and pads which are a universal size are SO big that i'd much rather use my own. all the other mom goodies are specially nice to have like the peri bottle, sitz bath and pain spray. also nothing compares to your own pillow and blankets {the hospital's are usually so starched that they're beyond rough and uncomfortable}.

{baby bag}
in dylan's bag :: a few outfits + her going home outfit, couple of extra diapers {can never have enough of these}, non chlorine wipes {hospital provides these but i'd rather bring our own}, bamboo swaddle blankets, burp cloth, lovie from her big sister, newborn socks, newborn knit hats, 2 binkies and 2 little headbands i made for her first hospital photoshoot. {not pictured} :: car seat, baby book to stamp newborn foot print & "present"from dylan to brooke.

{also not pictured} tim's bag & light bag for dirty clothes.

and that's it! anything you think I forgot? i mean besides the rest of the house and nursery? :)

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