Thursday, July 12

stroller wars

uppababy vs city select

buying a stroller can be a huge investment. since we are an expanding family, the time has come to expand our baby wheels. i know everyone's criteria for a double stroller is going to be different according to their lifestyle and where they live.  
up until now, we've had the quinny buzz which we absolutely love aside from the small storage space and the lack of expansion options. we've definitely had a tough time deciding whether to go with a more compact and flexible stroller or a side by side double. i was hesitant to choose a double wide simply because of the width and i was afraid of the less than wonderful maneuverability.  we ultimately narrowed it down between the uppababy vista with the rumble seat and the baby jogger city select double stroller.  

{my stroller wish list}

lots of storage
easy fold and expansion
compatible with our carseat {we have the maxi cosi mico}
fits easily in our truck
removable seats
durability and longevity {lots of walks, park & zoo visits, etc.}
snack tray option
piggyback/buggy board attachment 

{my list of pros and cons}

uppababy vista $699
pros: looks nicer aesthetically speaking, wide range of color choices, 2012 model comes in a black carbon frame, includes bassinet, bumper bar, rain and mosquito nets, easy one step fold, remains standing while folded, front seat can face forward or back, large storage basket and weighs 25 lbs. 
cons: rumble seat only faces one direction and doesn't fully recline, also sits low to ground and 2nd child's feet could take up some of the storage basket space. also pricier than the city select.

city select $659 : 
pros: 16 different configurations, can be used from birth with optional bassinet or car seat adapter, 2nd seat reclines, both seats are the same size, big storage basket, stadium seating with both toddler seats and lower price point than the vista.
cons: very heavy at 34 lbs, very long at 53 inches long, less color choices, steering is a little more work, bassinet, bumper bar and rain cover are sold separately. 

oh decisions, decisions. any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 


sonya said...

I think my vote is for uppababy. I like that it is lighter and comes with all the items you named. It is more expensive but at least you wont have to buy to many attachments. =)

laura said...

I'm leaning towards the uppababy too. the different configurations on the city select are so appealing though! the libra in me has kicked in high gear and i can't decide.

Dempster said...

Get the cheaper one.

Dempster said...


laura said...

"Ok" Tim :P